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John Lander has performed at Lincoln Center, The Rainbow Room, the Apollo Theater, The Jazz Standard, Phillips Art Auction House, and all over the world.


Hey there, I’m John Lander. I’m a musician from Brooklyn.

John Lander is a pianist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, arranger, and musical director born and raised in Brooklyn. For the past decade, he has led an incredibly eclectic musical career, touching on virtually every aspect of the art form. Aside from his main work in New York as a jazz and improvisational pianist, John has performed both domestically and overseas, playing a variety of instruments and genres and working with groups of all kinds. Raised on the diverse NYC music scene, countless incredible artists from myriad musical and cultural backgrounds have developed him into the seasoned leader, sideman, and session player he is today.  

In addition to gigging, John Lander accompanies at the Juilliard School, Columbia University, New York University, Dance Theater of Harlem, Ballet Hispanico, Martha Graham Dance Company, and the Mark Morris Dance Group. For five years, John hosted a popular weekly jam session at Caffe Vivaldi (RIP) in the West Village, and also hosts other recurring sessions in New York City. Driven by a love of people, learning, and new experiences, John has shaped his career to satisfy his desire to become a well-rounded and thorough musician and person. This passion has led to collaborations with Grammy-award winning artists, commissions for artistic and commercial work, opportunities to compose for theater, film, and television, and the privilege of teaching music both technically and conceptually. John Lander is currently based in Manhattan. 



"Brooklyn native John Lander first began teaching himself to play by ear on his toy keyboard at the age of 3, and since has been developing himself into a proficient pianist and multi-instrumentalist, as well as a genuine artist who uses innumerable methods to express himself through the creative process.



"John Lander... has passed through the halls of many esteemed learning institutions, including the Juilliard School. Actively pursuing new directions in music, while steeped in the jazz and classical tradition... "



"Kudos to pianist Lander who reappears to offer flawless piano accompaniment on this passionate manifestation, rattling the chandeliers with hopeful and redemptive vibrations. "



"Tucked in and dovetailing superbly with the vocals is some impressive piano playing from John Lander. "



John Lander's Performance Reel.

Sample footage from 2012-2017, shot in the United States, Switzerland, and Italy.


Time links

0:05 - "1st Street" - w/Daniel Bagutti Trio Performed at Teatro Paravento [Locarno, Switzerland] Genre: Latin Jazz

1:50 - "Billy Boy" (Red Garland) w/ Daniel Bagutti Trio Performed at Club Bonaventura [Milan, Italy] Genre: Jazz

3:15 - Promo for Likuidity Performed at Piano's [L.E.S., NYC] Genre: Hip Hop

3:45 - "Love Is Blind" (Amy Winehouse) w/Christina Stepney Performed at Caffe Vivaldi [West Village, NYC] Genre: Singer/Songwriter

4:28 - "Goody Goody" (Johnny Mercer) w/ After Hours Performed at Caffe Vivaldi [West Village, NYC] Genre: Trad-Jazz

5:32 - w/Keenyn Omari Moore Quartet Performed at Rockwood Music Hall [L.E.S., NYC] Genre: RnB/Funk

7:34 - Promo for RSNY ft. Shaggy Performed at Rooftop 760 [NYC] Genre: Reggae/Dancehall

9:43 - w/ Keenyn Omari Moore Quartet Performed at Rockwood Music Hall [L.E.S., NYC] Genre: Post-Bop/Avante Garde

12:29 "Mr. P.C." (John Coltrane) Performed at Williamsburg Music Center [Brooklyn, NYC] Genre: Jazz

13:48 "You're Everlasting Close to Me" (Neekz/Collin Huggins) Genre: Alternative Rock

15:05 "Little Bit" (Lykke Le) w/ Rosie Yadid Genre: Indie

16:45 "Willow Weep for Me" (Ann Ronell) w/ Kosi Quintet Performed at Cornelia Street Cafe [West Village, NYC] Genre: Blues

17:49 - Accompanying a Tap Class at Barnard College Performed at Barnard College, Columbia University [NYC] Genre: Jazz/Educational 18:06 - Untitled Performed at Washington Square Park [NYC] Genre: Jazz

19:19 - "Thorn On a Rose" (John Lander) w/ Daniel Bagutti Trio Performed at Club Bonaventura [Milan, Italy] Genre: Jazz Ballad

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"Open and malleable, yet knowledgeable and quick minded, John has acquired a style all his own and a unique, personal connection with his instrument... He has received an endorsement from East Coast Pianos... and won the Young Arts Jazz Regional Award.              



"Aside from touring stateside and throughout Europe, John performs regularly in New York and also works as a dance accompanist at the Juilliard School, Columbia University's Barnard College and the Mark Morris Dance Group. Every Sunday evening, John hosts an open-invitation jazz jam session at Caffe Vivaldi. Bring your instrument, your friends and join in!"